Each lesson is one hour long and our driving instructors will endeavor to make sure that you will get the maximum time. Motorway lessons and some pass plus lessons are two hours long. (We have both male and female driving instructors who can give you tuition in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. Our instructors have excellent pass rates) FREE THEORY AND HAZARD PERCEPTION CD All pupils will be offered the use of a free up to date CD to help them with their theory and hazard perception test.



Learning to drive should be a fun experience. Look around you at everyone else who is driving, they are not at all necessarily more intelligent than you, some are, and some aren't. All they have done is stuck to it. Remember if you want something badly enough you will achieve it. Your first lesson will be a controls lesson. Where your instructor will run you through the controls of the car. After that you will have a moving of and stopping lesson. Followed by right turns and left turns. These will all be done in a quite side street, which your instructor will drive you to and drive you home from. Once you have mastered the controls of the car you will be introduced to main roads at which point you will drive from home and back yourself. You will also at some point learn the emergency stop, how to turn the car in the opposite direction, corner reverse, parallel parking and bay parking. If needed as you get closer to your test standard, your instructor will do a test to asses you.