Quick Pass Course

Quick Pass Our Quick Pass Courses are very popular and are ideal for someone who wants to pass their test in a very short time. Our instructor will assess the pupils on their first lesson and tell the pupil how many hours of driving tuition they need to be at a standard to take their test. The pupil will then book their practical test and take the recommended of hours in that week and then go for their test. These will be standard price £22 per hour.

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Refresher Course

Quick Pass Our Refresher Course is aimed for people who passed their test a little while ago and have not drove for some reason or other. Our instructors will help build up confidence.

Remember driving is like riding a bike. One never forgets how to. These will be charged at standard price of £22 per hour.

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Motorway Lessons

Quick Pass Our Motorway Lessons are aimed at aimed at pupils who hold a full driving licence. These pupils fall into two categories. The first is newdrivers who have never driven on motorways. The second is pupils who have held a driving license for a number of years and for whatever reason have not driven on motorways.Our Motorway Lessons are taught in two hour lessons covering the following:

 Advance Journey Planning
 Joining & Leaving the Motorway
 Safe Speed Limits (In different circumstances)
 Effective Observation
 Signs Signals & Markings
 Overtaking & Lane Discipline
 Courtesy to Other Road Users
 Motorway Fatigue
 Breakdown Procedures
 Use of Lights (Including hazard warning lights)
 Debris on a Carriage Way
 Crosswinds
Motorway lessons are £22 per hour

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Pass Plus Course

Quick Pass Pass Plus is a scheme designed by the driving standards agency(D.S.A) statistics show that new drivers are vulnerable and are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing their test. Once you have completed the Pass Plus your insurance premiums could be up to 40% lower (subject to insurance company taking part in the Pass Plus scheme.) the Pass Plus is taken after passing your test. It is a minimum of 6 hours with no test at the end. The syllabus will cover driving experience not encountered in your driving - rural riving, night time driving, all weather driving and in town driving. The Pass Plus is more beneficial if taken within the first year after passing the test.
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5 LESSONS : £75
This limited special offer is for new learners who have no driving experience. (You will pay £75
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BLOCK BOOKING DISCOUNT This offer is open to all pupil. The pupil can block book 10 hours and pay...

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